Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Why Do We Build More Walls Rather Than Bridges

Greg B. Fernandez Jr

Isaac Newton writes, "We build too many walls, not enough bridges"!

Why do we build too many walls instead of bridges? We do, because it is easier and cheaper to build walls than bridges. We build walls to protect our privacy, but we build bridges that exposes our vulnerability. We build walls to keep dangers out; we build bridges to invite dangers in. We build walls to protect and separate people; we build bridges to welcome them for relationship. We build walls to mark boundaries; we build bridges to join chasms. We build walls to keep others out of our lives; we build bridges to reach out and invite others in.

Walls separate properties; bridges connect and join entities. A wall creates distance while a bridge connects it. A wall keeps the familiar in; a bridge reaches out to the unknown. A wall closes door of opportunity while a bridge opens it. Walls stop us from progression; bridges lead us to our destination! Wall suggests the impossibility; bridges move us into our destiny.

What walls you must tear down and what bridge you must build? What walls have you built around yourself that are keeping you from reaching out? What bridge you must build to connect the gap between you and others?

Let us build enough bridges instead of walls! Let us build the bridge of love across the sea of hate and prejudice. Let us knock down the wall of racism and build the bridge of tolerance across religious and racial differences. Let's build the bridge of compassion across the rivers of discrimination. Let us tear down the walls of apathy and build bridges of sympathy.

Let the wall that separates us tumble down and the bridge of love joins us to save the impending doom of human existence! Let us build bridges for Christ across cultures of disconnect. 

Let me speak yet of another bridge; the only bridge that connects the lostness of humanity to the realm of deity. Without this bridge, there is no hope for the human race. Because of sin, the creature is separated from the creator and a vast chasm existed between human and the holy God.  Human tried to build bridges of religion and good works to reach God but their effort have fallen short. The futility of human's effort necessitates God's act of love. In His love and mercy, to restore humanity back to Himself, God provided Jesus Christ, the only bridge for the lost human race to find its way back to the Almighty. This only bridge that leads to eternal bliss, can we now get across. Across the sea of damnation, Jesus is the only bridge of salvation! Have you cross that bridge yet?