Monday, September 28, 2015

How Much Do you Love Jesus?

Believers and non-believers alike love Jesus because of His unconditional love to everyone regardless of their status and condition. He loves the poor, the sinners, and the outcasts in society. He hangs out with drunkards, prostitutes and tax collectors. Everyone loves Him except the religious folks. In today's society, those who claimed they like Jesus because of His welcoming attitude to all will have a problem when it comes to His teaching on radical discipleship. 

Many people like Jesus because He loves everyone unconditionally. But I wonder if the same people will take His teaching on discipleship seriously. Do you still love Jesus including his teaching on being His followers? Although Jesus loves everyone, He made His terms of discipleship very costly and that is self-denial and the carrying one's cross.   I bet many people only like Jesus because of His love and attitude towards people but they are not willing to follow deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him.

At what extend are you willing to give up and deny yourself because you are a follower of Jesus? If you love Him because you think Jesus approves your sinful lifestyle, you are mistaken. Jesus told the woman caught on adultery, "neither will I condemn you," go and continue your life of sin. Did Jesus say that? The first part of the statement is, the last one is not. He said, "Go and sin no more!" You are loved, forgiven and not condemned but leave your life of sin!