Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'd Rather Be What God Created me to Be

Greg B. Fernandez Jr.
As I was on twitter tonight thinking what to tweet, these thoughts came to my mind!
I'd rather be the simple me than pretend to be somebody. I'd rather be the person God created me to be than the one I wish to be.

Accept the way you are and stop trying to be what you are not! Accepting who you are doesn't mean you don't strive to do the best you can and be what all God created you to be! Just because you accepted who you are doesn't mean you don't strive for growth!

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Imperfect Church

The Imperfect Church

We've heard all kinds of stories about people who move from one church to another. We've heard lots of criticism about almost any church. I know several people who quit going to church because they have been hurt by the church. A friend of mine left the church because of conflict that could not be resolved. While I believe that forgiving and loving one another solves problems in the church but that is not as simple as it may sound. 

Many people don't even care going to church because the church is no different than the world. "What is the point of going to church," they ask.

There's just no perfect church because no one is perfect.  Thus, stop looking for a perfect church because every church is composed of imperfect people and imperfect people make the church imperfect!