Thursday, July 21, 2016

Your Life Speaks Volume of Your Christian Identity

This morning I read an article about 3 Igorot Pastors who are charged for estafa. The suspects took Php 736, 000 from their members with a promised high return of investment but failed to return the money on a given time. Upon reading this, I took my rantings on Facebook. I am not casting the first stone because accused are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. But news like this dishonors men behind the pulpit. Pastors are indeed human like everyone else, but the vocation requires that we adhere to the highest moral and spiritual standard!

Occasionally, I read high profile ministers who failed morally. In Cambodia, some Christian leaders dumped their wife and took younger ones. It is easy to make excuses and blame our fallen nature. I understand that we are human and are susceptible to failure and sin. No one is perfect. We all sinned and failed. But we if claimed to be children of God, much more ministers, then we should be more circumspect with our actions. If we kept on sinning, this does not match up with our Christian profession. 

This is not just for ministers, but for followers of Jesus in general. Let me end this post with a quote from Dr. Wesley Duewel. "Do you claim to be Christian? Then the people of the world demand a higher standard of life from you than they expect from themselves?"