Friday, January 1, 2016

How to Read Through the Bible in a Year

NOT a New Year's Resolution, but who wants to join the challenge of reading the entire Bible this 2016? Last week, I thought of a system that might work and want to to test this year. Here is the secret: Start you Bible reading with the most difficult books to read-Leviticus and Numbers. They are called the "infamous killers of countless New Year’s resolutions to read the Bible through in a year!" 

The rational of starting with the most difficult books to read is the motivation factor. While your motivation is high, read the most difficult one. When your motivation is low, read the easy one. There is no hard rule in this system. You can switch back and forth between the hard books and the easy ones. Or finished all the difficult books within 3 months and then followed by the easy one. 

This is how my reading would look like.
1. Leviticus
2. Numbers
3. Deuteronomy
4. Isaiah
5. Jeremiah
6. Job
7. etc