Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Prodigal Son Kankana-ey Lyrics

I don't know the writer of this song, but I first heard it from my uncle, Joel Tingbaoen, when I was in my teen growing up back in the 80s. 

About two years ago, I recorded this song and uploaded it on YouTube and is the most viewed song of mine so far. The other day someone requested for the lyrics, thus I am posting here for everyone interested. 

The video does not contain the complete lyrics of the song. I realized it later after I had already uploaded that there are two stanzas missing. The lyrics below is, of course, complete.

Just a note on the lyrics, this version is from the Kankana-ey dialect of Mountain Province. Those of us from Benguet speak Kankana-ey also but slightly different from them. Benguet and Mountain province Kankana-ey differ in accent, spelling, vocabulary. 

The Prodigal Son Kankana-ey Verion/ Umudi Nanbabawi

Ay waday dindinge yo storian Hesu Kristo nandawat si tawid na dat ilako
inmey ed adaadawi inom sugal ya babae tan et maid patinggan din lagsak sidi

San agew et ginumdang san bulsa na et nakgang into pay di panganan nay nakpinakpit nan buang ka maseg-ang

Imeyak et nan pakpakan sin beteng di kadangyan ngem adik maanusan nabangges ay binay-an dak pay kinan

Sak pay dat memnemnem basol ko ay nadagsen pangaasim ay ama pakawanem adiak maibilang is anak mo ay esang mang-ibilang ka ay baa ka maseg-ang.  

Dat kanan san amana menpalti kayos baka lagsak tay dinmateng nan naamas ngem datma datngan ay unga.

Ilan ta syay men adalan ingaag mo isnan ingam inayan dis ik-ikkan tay umudi nanbabawi met gayam.

Maid teken si engka manpaingan umudi nanbabawi met gayam. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

One Year Old "Urgent Prayer" Request for Iraq Still Circulating on Facebook

This so-called Urgent Prayer quoted below was posted in our Facebook group chat late last night by a concerned friend and gave a footnote to post in our status. The moment I saw it earlier today, I thought the date must be wrong because the height of ISIS conquest and news about beheading Christians in Iraq was last year. I began to google when was this prayer request initially posted. The earliest date I could find in Google was dated February 28, 2015. I checked Joyce Meyer page but nothing. I wonder if someone wrote this other than Joyce herself. Still I was not satisfied with the date because there's no alarming news about ISIS earlier this year. So I googled when when did ISIS took over Quaragosh. The earliest news was August 8, 2014. According to the news, ISIS beheaded Christians including children. This happens a year ago, not this year. My doubt was confirmed. The request is about one year old. Even within social media, this didn't spread quick enough obviously. 

 “URGENT PRAYER” The radical islamist group (ISIS) just took over Quaragosh, the biggest Christian city in Iraq. There are hundreds of men, women and children tha t are being beheaded. The people are asking for prayers to be made on their behalf concerning the ongoing atrocity in their country. Please take one minute to pray for them. Pass the message across to all your contacts so that the prayer chain will not be broken. They asked for this special prayer. Please , ensure you pass across the prayer request to the body of Christ for fervent prayers offered on behalf of the brothers, sisters and children in Iraq. This is an urgent SOS message please. Thank you for your concern. May the Lord bless you and yours, and always send help your way. Amen.  Joyce Meyers

I don't want to spoil the spirit of prayer but I think we should stop circulating an old prayer request on social media. What would God think about us praying for something that 's long been over? I'm sure we make Him smile, though. Just a reminder, check your facts before spreading news and don't believe everything you read. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rights, Right or Responsiblity?

In his Facebook status today, Dr. Ravi Zacharias writes, "We talk so much about rights but we talk so little about what is actually right." Powerful statement in today's rights-obsessed society. What if we talk about what is right rather than our rights. Because of the abuse of power the tendency to right for our rights is legitimate. Human rights, animal rights, civil rights, legal rights, constitutional and other rights out there are legitimate concern because of abusive individual and people in power. Yet, who give these rights and how do we define what is right?

Yet, more importantly, what if we focus on our responsibility rather than our rights and what is right? 

Sometimes road accidents happen because people insist on their rights and being right. In Cambodia, when motorists keep going even when the light is red causes accident because others know it is their rights to go and they are right. Not only at the stop light one should be careful but also on the right itself. Lots of people drive on the wrong side of the road and when you are on the right lane and others are in the wrong one, the tendency to insist your rights and what is right can cause chaos and havoc.

In situation like this, asking the question what is my responsibility is even better than what is my rights and what is right. We maybe be right and it is our rights, but what is our responsibility in such situation?