Monday, October 5, 2015

How to Deal with Criticism Effectively

Pain and hurt inflicted by critics can go deep and leave emotional damage to our psyche. The result of criticism can leave traumatic experience not very easy to shake off. Because criticism is free, anybody can criticize anybody. This means, you are not exempted from criticism!

3 Simple steps how to deal with criticism?

1 Accept It
Acknowledge that you are not perfect and know that even the best people in the world are criticized. We all know that we cannot please everybody, but when we are criticised we can't believe what people say against us. Have you forgotten you cannot please everyone? 

For your improvement and growth, admit it. It takes humility to admit when you are wrong. It takes courage to say, "I'm sorry" after you made a mistake. 

2 Ignore It
Some criticisms are unfounded and invalid; ignore them. You may be tempted to fight back or defend yourself. Take the high road. Don't spend your valuable time thinking about it if you know the accusation is false. Don't be overly sensitive. Over-sensitivity is a sign of immaturity. The ability to ignore critics without being crashed emotionally is a sign of emotional maturity. To be able to handle critics, you must grow up!

3 Endure It
If your critics know you don't take criticism personally and that you know how to handle effectively, they will soon stop criticizing you. And even if they'll find another area in your life to attack you, if you can endure criticism, you can handle it effectively.

They know they cannot put you down. They know you are not too sensitive. They know you can endure it.

It may take a while before the criticism die down, but eventually it will.