Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fly Away Towards the Dreams You've Left so Very Far Behind

I can't believe God uses secular songs to reinforce a message not just songs with Christian lyrics. Yesterday, I was listening to the song Skyline Pigeon by Elton John. This morning while washing the dishes I was listening to the song again. The third time I played, it hit me. The song became real and has a personal meaning to my life. This phrase hit me hard!"Fly away..towards the dreams you've left so very far behind."

I realized, I have left many dreams so very far behind and I must fly away and take them back. I was in a prison cell of my own fears and self in a long, long time. "I want to hear the pealing bells of distant churches sing. But most of all please free me, from this aching metal ring, and open out this cage towards the sun. For just a Skyline Pigeon, dreaming of the open waiting for the day. He can spread his wings. And fly away again!"

I wish I could fly like the pigeon in the song towards the dreams I've left so very far behind. I know I can't fly back, but I can fly forward towards the future!

I realized, of course, that the song just reinforced the messages I have been listening to the entire week about vision, pursuing your passion and purpose. I pray God will help me to pursue HIM most of all and then to pursue the why HE brought me here on earth. If God created me just to take me to heaven without any purpose why I came into being, then why God created me in the first place? I know the final destination is heaven, but what on earth am I here for is equally important.