Saturday, May 12, 2012

DARK TIMES: Spiritual Valley Versus Mountain Top

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As I was browsing one of my old notebooks this afternoon, I found something I had written before-an excerpt from my diary. What I've written caught my attention. I thought it might be of an interest to my readers. Thus, I am posting here on my blog.

The more I examine the dark, the darker it become. Self-doubt plagued me; something I never experienced before. I was choking and I was gasping for fresh spiritual air to breath. Then it dawned on me, my belief in God was not strong enough. I felt like I was going through a period of identity crises as I turn 40. Then I started to ask questions. Is my belief on the traditional evangelical Christianity began crumbling down? Was I just enlightened and ready to ask questions?

Asking questions on the traditional and established tenet of Christianity is not a heresy, I reasoned. This experience plunged me into the valley of despair. Yet, I believe that after every valley, there is a mountaintop. While I long to be at the mountain top, I am thankful that I am in the valley. It is in the valley where God molded the character of His servants.There is something in the valley that we can never find on the mountain top. Suddenly I realized it was during my darkest times that God's light had shown brightest. The darker the night, the brighter the light.
/Greg Fernandez Jr./ 

I'm glad those times are over, but there is no guarantee, they will never come back. As I type this, I am singing the song, "There's a light at the end of the darkness...sometimes we've got to be knocked down to make us look upward. I was looking up from the bottom when it finally shines on me"

I learned that after every mountain top there is a valley, but after every valley there is also a mountain.

Let, me conclude this post with a quote from Tracy: "It’s not in the glory of victory that you find yourself. It’s the times of darkness. It’s through the trials and on that last mile where you build your character and become who you are." Tracy Leet