Monday, April 4, 2016

Are You an Expert on Somebody Else's Life Except Your Own?

Have you notice that everybody is an expert on somebody else life except their own? They know what advice to give to others. In their minds, they know the solution on how to fix the world's problem. They even know how to run a country better than Obama or Putin. The trouble about this people is that they can fix someone else except theirs. If the truth were known, they have personal issues they not overcome. Their life is a mess one way or another. 

Don't get me wrong. There are people who have credibility, integrity and authority to talk. They are masters of their own trade and have experiences to back their words. They are tested in the fire of experience. Do our words have credibility? Words and promises are nothing without previous action. You can't simply talk about the future or promise the moon without talking about previous or recent accomplishment. 

What if we stop talking and start doing? What if we live by example first before trying to lead others? What if we fix our life first before attempting to fix others?