Thursday, January 15, 2015

Best Antidote Against Bitterness

While our past does not define us, we cannot escape the fact that we are product of our past.We are what we are today because of our past or personal history.

At times we carry into the present our past garbage. One of those garbage we bring wherever we go is bitterness. Bitterness in our spirit is the result of our painful experience. If bitterness remains within, it poisons our attitude and destroys our joy. 

Yesterday, I heard Dr. Chuck Swindoll said this, "Bitterness deposits dangerous germs in our memory banks." He likens bitterness to dangerous germs being deposited in our memory bank. If our memory hoards bitterness it will steal our joy. We've got to withdraw those dangerous germs in our memory to be able to live free from bitterness. 

If bitterness is a poison then the best antidote is forgiveness. Forgiveness cures the deepest wound that's causing bitterness within. At one time or another, we had experienced hurt and pain that made us bitter. Forgiveness is the only remedy. Now is the time to act; forgive!