Sunday, March 13, 2011


Collection of English Sermon by Greg Fernandez Jr.
Rev. Greg B. Fernandez Jr. Youth Revival
(July 27, 2008)
Last Friday, we learned from Josiah that revival is a revival of our passion for God. We learned that it is possible to become a Christian at an early age, even as early as 8. Last night we learned that when we are truly revived we will not keep the fire in our heart because it will flow to the others around us. We also learned from Josiah's life  that it is possible to live a godly life in a wicked world and that that one person can make a difference. 

I didn’t tell you how you can become a godly person in a wicked world. I didn’t tell you how one person can make a difference. That will be the job of your pastor. 

Let me summarize what Josiah did:
(1) Josiah sought God—This is the secret of his successful life. He was passionate for God’s glory. Don’t ever lose your passion for God.

(2) Josiah upheld and obeyed the word of God—We need to renew our commitment to uphold and obey the Word of God. 2 Chronicles 34: 31. Covenant to obey the Bible. Let me tell you this book will carry across the stormy life. This book will provide an anchor for  your soul.

(3) Josiah was busy doing what pleases God—We must be involved in ministry. There are many ways you can be involved in order to make a difference.

Let us look at the third point how to have a revival God’s way!

(Jeremiah 22:10, 15-16)

I want you to note the words, LIVE & DIE. There is a common trend I notice in the life of young people. When they are still single, they are very active at church and ministry, after they got married; you seldom see them at church. Do you know anybody like that? Are you going to be like them? Does it have to be this way? Does life have to end that way? Is there any other way, to live your life to the full till you die? I want you to be the young people of this generation to break that common trend among other young people.

We have already noted Josiah at 8 years old. We have seen his life at 16, we have examined his life briefly when he was 20, and 26 years old. The following 13 years of his life were silent. But we find him at age 39 died in a wrong battle for his concerned towards his people.  This seems to be the only flaw in the life of Josiah. Perhaps, Josiah needs more time to extend his reform in the country. He knows that if Egypt will conquer Assyria his independence would be gone. There could be other reasons unknown to us. So much for that historical detail.

Did you know that despite Josiah’s reform and revival in the nation of Judah, God did not withdraw his anger towards His people? It seems to me that God had a plan in Josiah’s death. In fact, he was the last godliest king of Judah. It seems to me that because God will not withdraw his judgment, it is necessary to take away the godly leader. Prophet Jeremiah and the people mourned for Josiah’s death (Jeremiah 22: 10, 15-16). When you die, will somebody mourn because you were a great lose or somebody will weep because you were a backslider? Think about this!

Josiah died at age 39 but he lived his life dedicated to obeying the Law of God. Are you willing to live in die for God? I am not telling you to die now! Can you tell the world, that you are a Christian? Do you want to live a radical Christian life? I told earlier, there many young people who are so active when they were singles but when they got married, everything shrunk! How would you like to live your life? 
There was a famous missionary by the name David Brainerd. He died of Tuberculosis at the age of 29 but his life was fully lived. We think what an early age to die! He was a man of prayer and became an instrument of a revival that spread among the American Indian.

Even though Josiah died at age 39, verse 2 summarizes his entire spiritual life. Let’s read verse 1 and 2 again. This is like the one written in his epitaph. He decline neither to left nor to the right. What a statement: “He decline neither to left nor to the right.” I want to have something like this written in my tomb.  I pray you will have such commitment to decline neither to the left nor to the right but go straight.


Did Josiah miss one-third of his life by being committed at the age of 16? Tell me, did he miss half of his life by living it for God? Great future lies before your eyes! Including the bad and the ugly. Josiah’s death seems tragic but it wasn’t. The death of Josiah was not a tragedy. The tragedy is to live your life for yourself. It’s a tragedy when you are living your life for yourself and then you die without repentance. Young people, you have a long ways to go, but how would you like to live your life? What kind of life you would like to be remembered for? How would you like to end your life? What are you living for? DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE! LIFE IS TOO BRIEF TO WASTE!  I have few minutes here to plead with you, don’t waste your life!

One last thing and please listen to me, deep desire to live for God in holiness is the only way to maintain spiritual revival. Is it possible to experience daily revival? YES! Can a revival last for 50 years? YES! Live your life driven by eternity. At the age of 24, Amon, Josiah’s father died.  At age 39, Josiah died in a battle trying to defend his country men. His untimely death seems a tragedy. Dying early does not mean your life was wasted. What does this tell us? Death has no respecter of person. 

Kathrine (Kat) Sivila was a very talented child. Some of you know her. I've known her since 2000. She is talented and gifted with intelligence. She's a committed Christian and was taking up law at the University of the Philippines. She died last week of cancer at age 21 and was just buried few days ago. Death is real experience. Death is no closer to the senior than it is with the youth. When death comes are you ready? When God calls you home, what have you done for Him? Live your life driven by eternity! Today I want to invite you at the altar for prayer.