Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Compassionate Heart of Jesus

A Collection of Ilocano-English Sermon by Greg Fernnadez Jr. 
Rev. Greg B. Fernandez Jr.
Preached @ the only Christian FM Radio Station in
Baguio City, 97.5 (May 28, 2008)
 Matthew 15: 32-38
What are you doing with Jesus when everything is going well? How is your relationship with God when you have everything you a need? Dagiti tattao nga addaan ti amin nga kasapulan malipatanda ni Apo Jesus. 
What is Jesus doing when you are desperately in need? Basaen tayo daytoy nga passage ket adalen tayo no ania ti sungbat ti Dios dagiti kasapulan tayo. I am not talking about wants.

I.                    JESUS SEES YOUR NEED (V.32)
In verse 30-31, Jesus healed people with all kinds of sickness. In verse 32, Jesus saw a different need? What did Jesus see in verse 32? He saw the people’s need of food. Jesus is not only interested in your spiritual need. He is not only interested in your salvation. He is also interested in your physical or material needs.  What are your needs tonight? Ania da dagiti kasapulan yo nga mangrirriribok kadakayo? Ania da dagiti pakaborboriboran yo tatta nga tiempo? Adda kadi dagiti kasapulan yo nga ipagarop yo nga saan nga ammo ni Jesus? Jesus knows you need my friends.

II.                  JESUS SUPPLIES YOUR NEED (VV. 33-35)
Saan laeng nga kitkitaen ni apo Jesus dagidiay nga kasapulan yo, He is more than willing to supply your need. Jesus who sees your need will also supply it. Kasano ti panangi provide ni Apo Jesus iti kasapulan? Jesus uses’ someone else resources to supply your need. Usaren ni Apo Dios ti dadduma, nga tao tapno iprovide na ti kasapulan yo.

Jesus can also multiply what is little to supply the needs. Jesus performs miracle out of an insignificant situation. NEED IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MIRACLE! Miracle does not come without a need. Miracle is a divine response to human desperate needs. Miracle does not happen without a need. You will never see a miracle without a need. The miracle of feeding thousands of people with only 7 loaves of bread and a few fish.
III.                JESUS SATISFIES YOUR NEED (VV. 36-38)
This story shows that Jesus does not only see your need, he does not only supply your need, but He also satisfies your needs. Jesus satisfies your longings. When Jesus supplies, he satisfies us. Adda pannakapnek inton ni Apo Jesus ti agtrabaho.