Thursday, April 1, 2021

Surge in Ravi Zacharias Facebook Page after the Report about his Sexual Allegation was Released

Am I the only one who noticed this? The followers on the Facebook Page of the late Ravi Zacharias soared after the report on the sexual allegation was released. From 2019 up to February 2021, likes were over 900K. But in March 2021, it has surpassed a million likes. I was expecting the opposite. I thought people will unfollow his page, like what some Christians did to his books, throwing them into the trash can. What do you think the reason might be? 

While many Christian bloggers and YouTubers jumped into the bandwagon and condemned Ravi, many ordinary Christians, as seen in hundreds of comments in either YouTube videos or Facebook posts, didn't believe the allegations to be true. I wonder if 12-pages report is sufficient to condemn the man and if there was enough evidence presented in the report to prove the report's claims.  

Here are some questions to consider: (1) How do we know with certainty that the report was not manipulated?  (2) How do we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that Ravi's victims were telling the truth and nothing but the truth? This question does not mean to malign or put down the victims. The question lingers, still, can we trust their testimonies? If so, on what ground? Since the alleged sexual misconduct happened in private, it would be difficult to prove. I believe Ravi should be considered innocent of the sexual allegations until proven guilty beyond any shadow of a doubt. And if guilty as charged so be it. But who or what body can declare that Ravi is guilty?