Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Ain't About Eggs and Bunnies

This is originally a Facebook post. When I was typing, it keeps getting longer so I decide to cut and make it a blog post. What prompted the post was early today I wanted to change my cover photos with an image of the risen Lord. So I typed Easter on the Google search. All pictures on the first and second pages are colorful eggs, bunnies and chocolates. I thought, what in the world! So I changed the word to Resurrection of Jesus on the google search. Only then, I found the image I was looking for. Now you understand the emotion goes with this post. 

In the secular and commercial world, it is unfortunate that decorated eggs and bunnies are more popular than Jesus on Easter, like that of Santa and Christmas Tree on Christmas! It seems that Christians and missionaries are to blame for the commercialization of these important Christian holidays and its proliferation in different parts of the world! Regardless of one's intention, and these symbols depict, Easter ain’t about eggs and bunnies. It’s the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. Had Jesus not been risen, there would have been no Christianity ever existed. The existence of Christianity hinges from that miraculous event in history when the tomb was made empty! The evidence of the Resurrection is overwhelming regardless of the arguments against it made by unbelieving scholars. It is not my purpose in this post, to point out any of those arguments. There are lots of articles you can read about the evidences of the Resurrection. What I am lamenting about is the commercialization and proliferation of Easter symbols, which Christians are guilty about. What's wrong about it? Nothing really. My concern is that the symbols are more popular than what they symbolized. The symbols are more famous than Jesus. 

Let me explain why Christians are guilty of these charge i am making. There's a demand for commercialized decorated eggs. There's a demand for Easter bunnies. Companies who want to make money saw this as opportunity to make profit. They manufactured these symbols to supply the church's demands. When missionaries and Christians go to another country, they bring their own tradition. They import the celebration including the symbols.  When I came to Cambodia in 2003, very Christmas tree in the stores. There are some, but very small. As the years progress, Christians and foreigners keep asking about bigger Christmas trees. Now, you will see giant Christmas trees for sale all over Phnom Penh. It's for profit because of the demand. I have not been to to stores a lot to find out if there are lots of Easter eggs and bunnies in Phnom Penh. But I will predict, there will be in the coming years. 

When I was young I know nothing about Easter bunny and Eggs. I only know about the celebration of the Resurrection. I am ignorant of Easter eggs and bunnies had I not researched the origin and meaning of these. While some writers are saying that Easter and also the bunny came from a Pagan tradition, there's no concrete evidence for it. I know there's nothing inherently evil or even wrongness of these symbols. They are good symbols of life. What is unfortunate is the fact that people only know the symbols and know nothing about Jesus. The next time you see decorated eggs, bunnies and chocolate, remember that Jesus has risen. Because of that, Christianity exist! Christians exist because of the Resurrection of Jesus.