Friday, March 6, 2015


As the years roll by, we accumulate junks in our lives, in closet or in our home. These junks and things we don't need and use but we think they are important, if we do not declutter them, they will gradually and eventually take our space. This morning, as I begun cleaning, I realized that I have several boxes full of different junks and they are taking up space in my house. How my room would look better if I just throw them away.

I was amazed how quickly I have accumulated files I have not even read in the last 12 years. As I began throwing them into the trash bin, I noticed some that are worth saving, including this clipping I just found. 
Justice Izagani A. Cruz
While I was decluttering my old reading files, seminary papers, etc, I found a 12 year-old newspaper clipping about my graduation at the Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) 12 years ago. In his Philippine Daily Inquirer's Column, Separate Opinion, the retired Philippine Supreme Court Justice Isagani A. Cruz wrote something about my graduation, about APNTS and especially about my friend Candy Cruz Datu
Separate Opinion by Justice Izagani Cruz
As we declutter our home from junks, we must also declutter our spiritual junks so that our life would be lighter, brighter and better. Today I challenge you to declutter your files in your home and also the spiritual garbage in your soul. Throw them in the trash bin.