Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stop Judging Others by their Past

Do you know that your broken relationship with other people will be transformed dramatically, if you just stop judging them and just mind your own business? The world we live in will be a better place if we do that. Yet, it would be an illusion to assume, that this will be the case. The truth is, we don't and won't stop judging people.

Often, we judge people but fail to see what they could become. Even for those who preach and teach  forgiveness, when someone fell into sin, they do not seem to forget and give chance to the one who had fallen. The fact remains; we all make mistakes. But if the  bases of our judgment to others is their past, we are forgetting one thing--we do not live in the past anymore. The past is gone forever. When God forgives He forgets!  In Him, when our sin is forgiven it's been buried in God's sea of forgetfulness.

Not only have we judged people by their past, but we also judge them by their present. Instead of seeing what others could become, we often see what they really are in the present as if there is no hope for change.  If you judge people by their present but fail to see what they could become, you won't be able to love them as you should. In a nutshell, don't judge others by their yesterday and certainly don't judge them by what they are today. Judge them by what they can become tomorrow.

I understand that in order to help someone move in to the future, we need to deal with their past and present condition. It is an illusion to pretend everything is fine when there is undealt problem. Yet, instead of helping them; we are judging them unfairly because of their past and present condition.

If you have problem of judging others unfairly, remember this: Don't judge others by what they did in the past because God has forgiven and forgotten them. Don't judge them by what they are today because Jesus is not finish with them yet. See what they could become in the future by the power of the Holy Spirit!

If we could only see what other could become and do not focus on their past and shouldn't see what the are today, I believe our relationship with other people will dramatically improve. What if we just mind our own business, mind your own life and stop focusing on others. Of course we need to help one another. But the basis of helping them is not to judge them critically but to help them change. That is the reason we need to help one another.