Thursday, May 1, 2014

Time to Sign Off Social Media

Signed off FB
Yesterday, I signed off social media, except e-mail and my blog, for forty days of refocusing and resurgence. I will also limit my internet use; only for ministry related research.

Time is very precious and time is closely linked with life. What I do with my time shows what I do with my life and the things I value the most. Because social media is time consuming, unless use it wisely and for ministry, it's worth signing off in order to refocus. Because I can waste, spend or invest my life, I realize must invest on something that  will outlast it. It is important to focus my energy on what is essential and what will last for eternity!

Three things I want to focus on in the next 40 days. My relationship with God, to my family and my church! What matters most in life?  What is God's vision for the church?