Sunday, March 9, 2014

Forgive Even if it Hurts

We have not created life, therefore we no rights whatsoever to take someone else's life. Envy, anger bitterness has caused many people to kill others without mercy. Last week, one of my cousins in my father side was murdered. 

To date, I have three 1st cousins that died from gunshots in the past; two were intentional, one was an accidental! Surely, the thought of revenge that demands justice has crossed the human imagination but the Great I AM invites us to extend forgiveness, the only power that unshackle us from anger and bitterness. May God grant us the spirit to extend mercy and grace.

To those who have been hurt deeply, forgiveness is not easy. How can you forgive when the pain inflicted on hurt your soul and the thought of revenge runs deep in your vein? Forgiveness is the only way out-the way to freedom. Forgive them and you will be free.