Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In This Life I was Love by You

Today marks the 14th year of my marriage journey. Below is a message I posted on my Facebook timeline for my one and only. 

18 years ago I've met you,
16 years ago I've fallen in love with you
14 years ago I married you
In this life I was loved by you

Our 14 years was a mixture of mountains and valleys

Challenges came sometime in mysterious ways
We stood together and faced the storm
We were stronger than ever before

You love me despite my imperfections
You accepted me despite my wrong decisions
You are my one and only inspiration
I love you beyond description

As I reminisce our 14 years marriage of journey
I thank God; He has given you to me
As I look forward to many more years of being together
I wish to stay with you in this life forever
--Greg Fernandez Jr.

Here is the song of Collin Raye, In This Life, I have recorded and uploaded on my YouTube Channel.