Thursday, May 16, 2013

It feels Good to Help Others

Photo credit: Kara Lucas

Helping others is service. Helping others even if they didn't ask your help feels even better. It does feels good to help others; the Good Samaritan way. 

While on the road this morning I got curious what was causing the traffic jam.  As I got closer, I saw a Hummer H2 with a military plate blocking the road. It's getting congested and drivers are honking. A young lady was trying to maneuver the huge vehicle. I parked my car on the roadside, get down and approached the luxury truck. The girl rolled down her window and I asked what was wrong. She wasn't sure. I told her I have never driven a hummer before and so I offered to push her vehicle instead. She said "it's locked down and you won't be able to push". Drivers are still honking and so I called a Tuktuk driver to help me push. I instructed the girl to place the stick gear in neutral. Push..and push harder, we did! Of course, people on their bikes and cars were just watching us push. The lady thank me and said she just called somebody to come check the vehicle. 

Years ago, some friends of us were moving but we didn't realize they were moving their stuff. Everyone thought they were just selling off their stuff as they did the previous days. As I was teaching my friend came and asked why no one helps them, and cried in front of me. I said sorry we didn't know you are moving, why didn't you tell us. She replied, "aren't you supposed to help when you see someone doing things, even without being asked?" Expectation, communication problem, etc. 

The first woman in this article, didn't ask my help; I offered mine. I'm sure she's happy that a stranger with a headband, long hair and mustache would offer to help. Doing an act of service to someone when you are asked to help is good but helping others voluntarily is even better. The second woman in this post felt so bad that none of us help her. Perhaps we should have but we weren't aware of the situation. Feeling bad because no one helps you doesn't seem right. You shouldn't demand others help. 

In 2005, I was busy moving stuff from my friend's house to my house. Two pastors were watching me as they lay on the swing and didn't care to help. I feel bad a bit, but don't have any reason to feel bad. Perhaps, I should have asked their help. 

 It's completely okay to ask for a hand. It's okay to ask others to help you. But remember that you should better touch their hearts before you ask for their hands. But if they don't, don't demand. Life is good to keep those bad feelings in your soul; it's going to ruin your day.