Friday, September 28, 2012

Not Everyone is Going to be Married-Respect It

I am married and have a happy family. But I have many friends that are singles; they are happy and fulfilled as well!  

How the church is dealing with the topic on marriage and singleness seems off balance. Who are we to think that everyone should be married?

Today, I thought about two friends who struggled with some issues in the church and how the church is dealing with it. Years ago, I had a friend who got frustrated with the church during Mothers Day because the church honored all mothers but left out the married couples without children. It is true, we have to honor mothers but what attitude do we portray since not every couple have children? Another friend of mind, got frustrated because the church kept talking about marriage and traditional family but there are many singles who won't be able to relate with the situation being presented. After thinking about this scenario, I come up with ideas and posted them on my Facebook status and also tweeted them!

Not Everyone is Going to be Married-Respect It! Not Every Married Couple will have a child-Understand it! Not Everyone is going to like you-Accept it!  Not every married couple remain married for a life-time-deal with it! 

There are many things in life you just need to understand, accept and deal with it! Due to personal choice and circumstances, people remain single the rest of their lives. Due to medical problems, some married couples cannot have biological child. Due to death and divorce, not every married couple remain married for a life-time!