Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Little Child w/ Lyrics

Jesus is God and He preexisted before there was everything. He created the universe, but when he came to earth and took the human form, he was born in a poor family. What would have happen if Jesus came down to earth from heaven in a supernatural manner? What would have happen if Jesus came down to our planet riding on fiery chariots accompanied by legions of angels.

Although Jesus conception was supernatural, he was born in the world's natural order and grew up according to manner of a normal child.

The birth of Jesus Christ is pivotal event in the history of humankind. Bible Scholars believe Jesus was born either 6 or 5 B.C. Historical facts favor such speculation. The birth of Jesus, the Messiah from the Royal line of King David was a disappointment to the Jewish people. Jesus was born in a poor family; not in a rich or powerful family as often expected. From a royal line, people expected that Jesus should have been born in the palace.

When Jesus grew up and started His ministry, His own people rejected him but those who received him, he gave them power to become sons of God. At about 33 years old, He was nailed to a cross, died, and buried. Then He rose on the third day, and forty days later ascended onto heaven.

His life transformed lives by the millions, and today, they commemorate His birth.